Driving Licence Checks


Did you know? 1 million drivers are three points away from losing their driving licences

Checking driving licences goes further than just confirming its validity…

You shouldn’t take a drivers entitlement for granted, that’s why our licence check not only confirms a drivers licence is valid, we also ensure they have the relevant categories for vehicles driven at work as well as visibility of endorsement history.

With this service your business will be able to...


Ensure legal compliance


Highlight people who have penalty points or who have lost their licence


Conduct trend analysis, giving a view of re-occurring issues or driving offences


Have a current view of your driver pool


Track people who have a record of unsafe/inappropriate driving


See in detail a drivers past history, which can be an risk indicator for the future

Our process

Confirms licence validity, analysis of endorsements from a risk profile perspective and ensures drivers have appropriate categories for vehicles driven at work.

We do this by:


Gathering information on the TTC DriverProtect portal


Obtain drivers consent for a DLVA licence check


Having instant visibility of licence validity and entitlement



Risk of non-compliance

If your business does not have a sufficient licence checking system in place, you will leave yourself and your people vulnerable to prosecution for non-compliance.

Are you Compliant?

Find out if your company could be at risk.

FREE online risk audit

Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant

TTC DriverProtect is the division of the TTC Group dedicated to fleet road safety, TTC’s end-to-end driver risk management service committed to minimising fleet driver risk and optimising driver-related business performance.

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